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Small Fresh Fruit Tray (serves 10) $20.00
Medium Fresh Fruit Tray (serves 25) $46.25
Large Fresh Fruit Tray (serves 60) $90.00
Small Fresh Veggie Tray (serves 10) $17.50
Medium Fresh Veggie Tray (serves 25) $40.00
Large Fresh Veggie Tray (serves 60) $77.50
Small Bologna & Cheese (serves 10) $17.50
Medium Bologna & Cheese (serves 25) $40.00
Large Bologna & Cheese (serves 60) $77.50
Mini Tea Sandwiches $60.00/50 pieces
Macaroni Salad $2.75/lb
Potato Salad $2.75/lb
Pasta Salad
Pasta Salad
(Provolone & Hard Salami)
Pea Salad $2.75/lb
Coleslaw $2.75/lb
Fresh Broccoli Salad $3.75/lb
Tossed Salad
(w/ Dressing)
Spring Mix Salad
(w/ Feta Cheese & Craisins)
Fresh Cranberry Relish $4.00/lb
Fresh Fruit Salad $5.00/lb
Krab Imperial $5.00/lb  Pick UP Hot:  $6.00/lb
(Baked and Glazed)
$5.00/lb  $6.00/lb
Beef BBQ
(Ground Beef)
$5.00/lb  $6.00/lb
Beef BBQ
(Sliced Beef)
$5.50/lb  $6.50/lb
Pork BBQ
(Pulled Pork)
$4.75/lb  $5.75/lb
Turkey BBQ $4.29/lb  $5.29/lb
Roast Turkey
(White & Dark; Qt of Broth per 5lbs)
$8.00/lb  &9.00/lb
Baked Ham
(w/ Qt of Broth per 5lbs)
$7.50/lb  $8.50/lb
Fried Chicken $6.00/ ½ Chicken  $7.00/ ½ Chicken
Stuffed Chicken Breast
$3.00 6oz breast w/ 4oz filling  $4.00
Baked Pig Stomach $6.00/lb  $7.00/lb
(Beef, Ham, Turkey)
$5.00/quart  $6.00/quart
Unbaked Baked
Mac and Cheese
(Trio Cheese Sauce)
$2.75/lb $3.75/lb
Mac and Cheese
(w/ Cheddar & Mozzarella)
$3.75/lb $5.00/lb
Filling $3.90/lb $5.00/lb
Baked Corn Mix $3.00/lb $4.00/lb
Sweet Potatoes w/ Pecan $24.00/5 lbs $32.00/5 lbs
Mashed Potatoes $2.00/lb
Chicken Corn Soup $5.00/quart $20/gal $18/over 4 gal
Chicken Noodle $5.00/quart $20/gal $18/over 4 gal
Potato Soup $5.00/quart $20/gal $18/over 4 gal
Beef Barley Soup $5.00/quart $20/gal $18/over 4 gal
Beef Vegetable $5.00/quart $20/gal $18/over 4 gal
Cream of Broccoli $5.00/quart $20/gal $18/over 4 gal
Cream of Mushroom $5.00/quart $20/gal $18/over 4 gal
Cauliflower Cheese $5.00/quart $20/gal $18/over 4 gal
Broccoli Cheese $5.00/quart $20/gal $18/over 4 gal
French Onion Soup $5.00/quart $20/gal $18/over 4 gal
Krab Chowder $5.00/quart $20/gal $18/over 4 gal
Crab Chowder $9.00/quart $36/gal $33/over 4 gal
Shrimp Bisque $10.00/quart $40/gal $37/over 4 gal
Clam Chowder $8.00/quart $30/gal $27/over 4 gal
Chili $6.00/quart $24/gal $20/over 4 gal
10” Cherry/Blueberry Pie $12.00
10” Sugar Free Cherry $12.00
10” Apple Crumb Pie $10.00
10” Shoofly Pie $10.00
10” Pumpkin Pie $10.00
10” Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie $10.00
10” Pecan Pie $15.00
10” Lemon Sponge $10.00
9” Peanut Butter Pie $15.00
8” Chocolate Cream Cake
(Served 8-10)
8” Chocolate Cake
(Single Layer w/ PB Icing)
8” Chocolate Cake
(Double Layer w/ PB Icing)
8” Coconut Cake
(Single Layer)
8” Coconut Cake
(Double Layer)
8” Carrot Cake
(Single Layer)
Please Call for Larger Sizes and Pricing
Tapioca $2.00/lb
Chocolate Éclair Dessert $2.75/lb
Sand Tarts $16.00/lb
Soft Sugar Cookies, Peanut Butter, Snickerdoodle, Oatmeal Raisin,
Chocolate Chip
Large Cinnamon Bread
(Sliced w/ Icing)
Small Cinnamon Bread
(Sliced w/ Icing)
Large Cherry Bread
(Sliced w/ Icing)
Small Cherry Bread
(Sliced w/ Icing)
Large Raisin Bread
(Sliced w/ Icing)
Wheat Bread
White Bread
Home-Style Rolls $4.75/doz
Potato Rolls $4.75/doz
Whole Wheat Rolls $4.75/doz