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Appetizers: There is usually some time between the guests and the wedding party’s arrival.  Some popular options are a fruit and/or vegetable tray with dip, assorted cheeses and rolled bologna with cream cheese could be a choice.  Another idea would be an assortment Artisan breads (from Joanne’s ovens) with assorted spreads.  We can also do a very nice shrimp tray with cocktail sauce.   If you want to offer hot appetizers mini quiche, meatballs, hot Buffalo chicken dip with crackers, just to name a few.

Table Service (Individual Platter): Table service is the most formal. Guests remain seated at the table and a full wait staff serves the plated meals. We do offer split entrees (see split entrée prices) to provide guests with two or three options, such as roast beef, fish or vegetarian, that they can select when they RSVP (we would require a count and some way to identify your guest’s choice of each entrée).

Family Style: A more intimate serving style provides each table with serving bowls and platters to be passed around among guests at the table, just as you would do at a family dinner.  An example would be a bowl of salad, dinner rolls and a loaf of cinnamon bread would be on your table to start.  As Salad is cleared your choices of entrees and sides would be brought to your guests tables to be passed as you would at home.  Desserts can be served individually with ice cream in family style bowls.    You could choose a dessert buffet….you would select several different desserts and could include ice cream and toppings for your dessert buffet.

Buffet:  With a Buffet Style service, similar to family style we can serve a bowl of salad to each table along with dinner rolls and cinnamon bread for your guests to eat while they wait to be dismissed to the buffet.  At the buffet you guests can help themselves to the foods and amounts that they prefer, your guests are always welcome to return to the buffet as often as they wish.  You can choose to have drinks served to your guests at the table or the drinks can be set up as a station.  For weddings we can serve the wedding party their food in a family style so they can remain seated.  Desserts can be served individually or as a buffet.