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Printer_Friendly_IconHot Appetizers: $58.00/50pc
Cold Appetizers: $58.00/50pc
Dessert Appetizers: $58.00/50pc

Hot Appetizers Cold Appetizers

Chicken Dijon Strips

Ham Balls: Sunset or Sweet & Sour

Meat Balls: Italian, Swedish, Danish

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Cheese Sticks

Assorted Stuffed Mushrooms

Puffed Pastry Assortment

Mini Quiche

Stuffed Peppadew

Scallops wrapped w/ Bacon: $185.50/100pcs

Cream Puffs filled w/ Chicken Salad

Stuffed Celery

Tea Sandwiches

Marinated Mushrooms

Deviled Eggs

Mustard & Red Beet Eggs

Dessert Appetizers

**Call for Current Dessert Selection

Soup (On Buffet)

Groups of 40 or more may choose 2 (two):

Chicken Corn, Potato, Cream of Broccoli, Beef Vegetable, Broccoli
Cheese, Italian Wedding Soup

$ 1.50
Fresh Fruit Bowl $1.60
Fresh Fruit w/ Carved Melon and Fruit Dip $2.25
Relish Tray w/ Purple Cabbage and Dip $1.60
Portwine cheese w/ Crackers $1.60
Braided Bread w/ Round of Brie $1.80
Cubed Cheese Tray w/ Bologna & Cream Cheese $1.80
*Peel Your Own Shrimp (26/30 count) Call for Pricing
*Peeled Shrimp (16/20 count) Call for Pricing
Punch Bowl $1.25
Decorated Mini Cupcakes Call for Pricing
Decorated Cupcakes Call for Pricing
Mini Dessert Tray Call for Pricing
Decorated Sheet Cake Call for Pricing
Specialty Cake Call for Pricing
Assorted Pies (Baker’s Choice) $1.60
Pies (Your Choice) Priced per Pie
Ice Cream $0.80
* Shrimp Prices may vary with Market